I-Pod, I-Hate

How to reset a frozen I-Pod? How not to throw it against the wall? How to soothe your girlfriend if she’s angry and making a fuzz about it? These questions stroke me this morning… and her comment was nothing else but “my fucking I-Pod hates me”. I-Hate it too. Even Apple has some suggestions for this thing, but I tried it hard - following their instructions a dozent times, but the little I-Hate did not change anything into the Apple logo. Why not? Why in this life not? If I put it closer to my ear, it sounds like an old cassette tape being rewinded… for hours. I hope the batteries will empty soon and we can start it all over. What a joyful morning. Her laptop dismantled our souls, the I-Hate tuned nothing on, and I have to go to the doctor to get my results.

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