So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

Robert Basic left my daily reads at the M-E-X Blog. He’s been one of the (if it’s ever appropriate) A-Listers of the German Blogosphere. While I know some background information that lead to his depature, I’m not going to spread any false rumors here. The good thing is: He is back!

Basic Thinking Blog Titlegraphic

I’m surely going to read him in the future and added already his links to my RSS reader and blogroll, but I’m definately interested in the future of the M-E-X Blog, too. I’m not sure what will happen there, but let’s keep an eye on it.

(BTW Robert - can you please update my link in your blogroll? It directs to the old account…)

4 Kommentare zu “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!”

  1. 1 Robert Basic 28. Jul 2005 um 17:05

    Hi Mike,

    thank you a lot for that link :-)) I will speak with the future project manager of MEX about you, that there is already a possible Blogger if the picture becomes clear.

    Sure, i will asap update youre Blog URL at MEX and BasicThinking


  2. 2 Crude Clay 28. Jul 2005 um 20:17

    Mike, ure a web wizz kid, no? I have a question for ya? Is there any type of IP address tracking software to integrate into my blog, so i can track who’s coming and going? (or something similar to idenitfy visitors)? Thanks bud.

  3. 3 Shirazi 29. Jul 2005 um 06:03

    Hi Mike, this time off topic. Do you know a great German Lady Dr. Senta Siller and another great German gentleman Dr. Borbert Pintsch. Please have a look at my blog Thatta Kedona and let me know. You will also find some links to German sites on the sidebar, may be you find them interesting.

    Thatta Kedona

  4. 4 Mike 30. Jul 2005 um 12:21

    I guess we’ll have to have another nice chat once I return from the trip to Kat’s mother. ;)

    I guess the best idea is to use Google and try “website stats” - there’s a plenty of free-to-use tools which are integrated into the html code (i.e. the sidebar as a free-block at blogspirit) or anywhere else - but it must be visible on each page the blog shows.

    Kat and myself browsed over to the site and it prooved to be interesting. However, the efforts of the involved Dr’s. are less known here in Germany since there’s a high number of people who “help” in other countries. It’s as if the Europeans export themselves to other countries and build up small/big organisations for the people in that country… some negative effect is that nobody knows about these projects because they’re not press-relevant. Mmmhh…

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