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Grow: Cube

After reading René’s Nerdcore, I found this one. Yes, a wonderful one. No, it is indeed a lovely one! After enjoying Grow3 so much, I had to solve Grow: Cube this morning. This moment shall last in history! I did it! I truely did it. Next time I should check back with the sites I’ve enjoyed in the past. There’s always time for an update, eh?

I added this ZIP Archive (removal date in one week) of selfmade screenshots to proove to any fool that I can do this all the time. I sense a lack of faith here, and I’m far off from being false!

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8 Kommentare

  1. congratulations, cubemaster!

  2. [...] hat den Growcube geknackt! posted in Flash, Bloggershausen | 23. September 2005 @ 10:47| [...]

  3. Hehehe, thanks :) I love Grow-Games… ;)

  4. me too, but i’ve had the same screenshot before i’ve posted or even played the game… think it wasn’t you ;)

  5. @False - Umm, these games take 15-30 minutes to be solved - it is absolutely easy! ;)

    This is the solution: Man, Water, Seeds, Pot, Tunnel, Fire, Bowl, Bone, Springs, Ball

  6. sorry for charging you - take it? ;)

  7. Sure thing, taken :D I had my fun… and yeah, that Ego-Trip to proove it… mmh!!

  8. This is a great game. I made a fan site for it (