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24. Januar 2005, 10:25 Uhr von Mike Schnoor in Medien
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As the deutsche presse agentur (dpa) reports, blogs have been drawn attention to journalists for specialized topic-related research. Especially after the tsunami disaster, the media had to focus on live and accurate information - blogs written by the victims and survivors became some of the most reliable sources. However, blogs are usually uncommon for traditional journalists as they see their media-authority being challenged by anybody who wishes to contribute to the blogosphere.

The german tabloid “Bild” has found its own challenger in the Bildblog. One of the authors of Bildblog, Christoph Schuldheis, express an alternative research as they focus on the “filthyness and false reports” produced by the original tabloid. Jörg Sadrozinski, the chief of the editorial office for Die Tageschau, comments rather nonchalantly: “For a journalistic format, they are not really matured because of the confusing and thematically unsorted character […] Blogs are more of an addition to the traditional media.” He cannot see Blogs as a new form of journalism. (The quotations are freely translated.)

The original news article “«Blogs»: Online-Tagebücher sind beliebte Augenzeugen in der Krise” appeared on various online newspapers within a short time frame:
Esslinger Zeitung - Oberhessische Presse - Handelsblatt - Merkur Online - - Yahoo! Nachrichten - Neue OZ Online - Harburger - Schwäbische Zeitung - Heidelberger Nachrichten - Passauer Neue Presse - - Wiesbadener Kurier - Backnanger Kreiszeitung … and counting!

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