The Religion Behind Me

Religion in Chaos
Religion is a worship of the supernatural, seen as a pure commitment or devotion to faith or observance to a belief. Religion is being held as a system of beliefs by a community with ardor and faith coming from the individual towards its group and its community. As religion is relating the belief to manifest a faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity, it renders the individual in a scrupulously and conscientiously faithful light. Mankind uses religion to find help and aid. Many religions are nothing else but a Book of Anger. The use of religion to explain science is mankind’s greatest ignorance and makes mankind to be the Weakness of Inferiors. If mankind is inferior to itself, a world without a creed is the Creation of Monsters. This is our Balance in Chaos.

The religious culture is understood as a pagan belief through the eyes of mankind. As myth, mystery and fiction are involved, the religious culture will find its main interest in most people’s eyes within the mystical sub-motif of the Force. It is understood as a kind a ‘mana’ that is ethically neutral. The use or abuse of the Force usually appears as magic for either good or evil causes, as these acts provide the people with the essential part of pagan believes to understand a brief scheme of the relicious culture. Those who wished to follow pagan beliefs and consort with the dead exist even in our world are seen as vicious species. Is a religious fight beneficial for society?

Religion as Personality
Religion means a devotion, it means a faith. The religions offered by society are a form of mass-marketing, and allow individuality to an extend while the individual belief must be compatible with the original thought. Religions are not my design once your belief is based on preset order. Instead, I follow a religion through which I can find to have openess and harmony within the whole spectre of my existence. I do not follow a religion, but I believe in a religion that I design to my personal needs. Do I need a God? If I do, I will have a God. Do I need to praise? If I do, I will praise. Will I praise to a God? Certainly, if it is affected through the preset religion. But as a religious being, to what will I praise? To the Force, to life, to eternity, to individuality… to existence?

Personality as a Religion
My study of religion and the ways of a belief have always been based on emotions, mentality and spirituality - among other things. Without these keys, an individual cannot not recreate a creed for itself.

The human eye can grasp a variety of colors in all possible shades of dark, light or neutral grayness. As the human can understand the differences between colors, it is able to determine a new cause of evolution for its own spirit, its own mind, its own individuality. Emotions affect a human as much, as they represent a full scale scheme of colors. The ways of a belief reflect such colorful scheme if the individual will only allow itself to understand, and trust, and share the ammount of faith which is required for a belief.

As the ideals of a human being are represented through its mental state. The ability to understand and share knowledge will unlock the path to the culture for the benefit of the individual’s existence. Mentality requires strength, and a strong, clear and aware mind will bind the individual to the culture and its community. Each of these steps is a very personal moment, and the individual will show faith… or show none.

Culture as a Religion
As the culture is based on fundamental believes, I am able to share them as far as I wish to accept them. But once the culture becomes a religion, I will not support it. To support a Religion requires faith, and it is imperative to share this ammount of faith to a religion, but not to a science fiction tale. Seen as whole, the philosophy, the belief and abilities you will find through the culture, you will gain faith once the culture will become independent from any relation to the science fiction universe. While this step has not been achieved yet, there is no way of seeing a culture as a religion. Attempts are shown in various ways, but the complete assignment where the way of being, which is a way of life, is revealed in conjunction with religion has to be done still. Until this work is not completed, the religion will be a Religion in Chaos.

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1 Antwort to “The Religion Behind Me”

  1. 1 sinagbayan Feb 19th, 2005 at 10:45

    i was struck by this article because essentially, i share the same beliefs you have on religion. i took philosophy in college and it seems you have a philosophical background.

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