Me and my day

Before I will speak about examples on how a small glimpse of my daily life would appear to be, I want to clarify that I do not set my life within a schedule or its parameters. I certainly like to follow some order, but do not revise my daily habits or even life’s special events under such generalizing rule just to have a schedule that keeps myself a day, week or a month busy.

Instead, I live for the moment - I live for the now. But why and how can you do this in our modern world? Yes, we face the outburst of civilization all day. All of us who are here use already a part of this civilization - its digital revolution called “internet”. I do not want to emerge upon the internet itself and how it changes or affects people, but instead I will link this towards our daily life of course. So what happens with all of us?

Once you are born as a member of a society, you have to learn about it and do your best to understand the society. You grow up through an educational process while your body is being prepared naturally for breeding and reproduction. Then you will see through your intelligent mind that all of our world and certainly the society in which you live is being bend together as i.e. technology, ethics and politics or any other things merge together to create a huge apparatus that controls more or less our lives. We have to work to earn money, which we can spend on food, clothes or fuel to drive the car to our work, or buy a bike to cycle to the gym to keep our body in shape… and much more. But the key is that all things that are being bend are meant to be broken.

To abolish or defame our societies is not imperative to the subject of this escape from that reality in which we apparently see ourselves. Instead, the act of breaking a bend is not destructive, but a way of personal escape. As you break, you emerge from the situation and find your path in a new center if situation demands such act. I personally achieve a break as I allow my mind to be set free to think whatever its free will wants to think, while I subjugate still to society’s means. As I’d break apart from society, I would be left alone as an outcast, and an outcast has per nature’s rule no chance of survival - and still prefer to survive than running into the daggers of my own backstabbing.

That may explain why I allow to break out and escape in my mind. There I can live for the moment - as I can live for the now. On top of this, it is not a withdrawal from society but only an alternative path chosen by the individual. The moment itself grants me permission to think and use my free will in my mind, while we all know that the pure free will is revoked by any society that provides its members with laws and order.

This interlude shall be used as if you see through a lens while reading the following excerpt about my daily habits and my daily life. Me and my day at best:

House-Work: Once or twice in the week my time is consumed with this ravish exhaustion of my mind and body. Cleaning my home is important for me, as it will grant me a freshly renewed base to let my thoughts dwell on other things while I am here. It includes all kinds of work while I do certain things more often in a week such as doing the dishes of course. I have no hard feelings while vacuum cleaning, as I see it as a must. Same goes for cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, or any other part of my living center called home. Unfortunately, this kind of work is limited due to the amount of other work

Money-Work: Living without money is not a near possibility, I sometimes earn money through my skills and mind as a programmer and webdesigner. It is a must, as it will give me money - if ever. But I’d rather prefer to do something else than that, if money and status would not rule the world, I would rather prefer to work as a lecturer for Media-Culture.

Work in: Entertainment is a must for the mind. Through this, I read, I write - and yes, I am an artist. However, I have no difficulty to go out on a Saturday night to the clubs where I meet people, friends and new faces. Last year I went out five times a week, by now its only once or twice. Saves money, saves prestige, and it saves your health. Sometimes I walk with my dog once I take her off my parent’s house, I love to be outside in summertime and prefer to sit inside with lots of candles in the winter. All adds the welcomed spice to life - without it, its tasteless.

Resume: I do not get tired at my exhibits, instead I am eager to face the next phase of my future while I celebrate each moment of it. Anything else might be of no use to present it here as this can be summed up in two ways - twisted desire that fascinates for the moment vs. tedious habit that grew up from society’s expectations. And what would I do without this woman?

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  1. 1 kurt moore Nov 13th, 2005 at 09:49

    hi i have just read your story it sounds to me as though you are scared of braking away from the rat race their for you do nothing but day dream

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