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News.Com Redesign

I like the current look of CNET’s News.Com. Now if they’d have some more Web 2.0 features like i.e. Microsoft’s Start.com, the effective art of customizing a news website would be completed.

According to The eStrategyOne Buzz,

[…] The new site is bolder in both graphic design and content. The navigation includes two sets of header tabs. Some of the old familiar tab names are missing, but the new scheme allows CNet to add personalization, and separate tabs for their newsreader, blogs, and Extra stories. The new design is horizontal than vertical, and provides more emphasis on the photos or illustration for the lead story. […]

Of course this is just a beta phase and can change back anytime.

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Seperating the Telagon Sichelputzer

Two weeks after relaunching the Telagon Sichelputzer, this rather tasteful fresh look of yellow-orange within a blue border has established itself among the users and of course inside of my mind. However, I noticed one major problem. While the layout appears to be somewhat attractive to the eye, the content suffers from the variousness of topics. It was time to separate the whole categories and divide them to fit four major areas.

At first, the category named The Professionals covers all topics on which we’re at least trying to give a critical opinion. It includes Marketing to hint at special events and promotions in the national and global market (or just nonsense created by the companies), Media-Zone which is designed to counter or approach the mainstream media and their news reporting, Offtopic to handle anything that truely disturbs one coming from companies, and Politics to significantly show an alternative to the thoughts about the ongoing mischief of politicians and their politics.

The next main category is named The Show. This is not an ongoing striptease, but the area where two people have their thoughts about themselves and their life. This is truely an egoistic, paraneual and symbolic area. First of all, one major category about myself is considered to be the Ego-Mania - the title says it all. However, Party Radar covers the more or less recent reportings of what I do at night - if it’s worthy to be published online, and Philosophy covers some deeper thoughts and leaves them burried. One by now most important category is Relationship to summarize thoughts about love, life and the woman and her boytoy. Further, Travels includes anything that is about traveling this planet - true, there’s currently an intensive lack of content. As next, some temporary categories such as Abspecken, Media-Cast and Music Clash may exist there. The first category is solely written in German and explains my continuous withdrawal from food, fatness and unhealthyness, and the second one is about anything I do with video editing and publishing, while the last is a semi-existent category for Music. I can already expect a “Books” and “Movies” category there…

Here we come, here we go in The Sphere. This is about all kinds of techie buzz and our bloggish after-life. The Blogosphere is meant to be what the name already says as a place for the blog life, with the only exception of a special category for Live Blogging. The other categories like Design, Digital Future, Software, Technology and Web serve their purpose of reporting news. In the end, the whole Sphere seems to be news reporting. One of my favorites, Telavision must still develop: It is designed to cover my “pick of the week” (or day) if I preferably post about it. The Sammelsurium is a tragic category which is abused to publish anything like these quizzies, tests and online gadget formulars - where else does that junk fit? Last but not least the External Posts keep all postings of ourselves in other blogs - we don’t want to loose them, or do we?

But since Kat and myself are students, one category is important for us: The Study helps us to record anything related to the University and our (un-)doing as students. For the daily life, the Unicum Akademie keeps track of the nonsense, Publications include our graded term papers or works, and Management reflects our future and anything related to managing successful a student’s life with and without nonsense.

There you go, dear reader… let’s praise you can extract some useful information out of the Telagon Sichelputzer. And if you cannot understand this at all, please keep in mind: Ask us. Its for free. ;)

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